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The DD Ranch -Herd Dispersed Sept 1st, 2015

For those in need of Genetic Material - the Semen Straws are inventoried as to how many are available and are on the Cattle to Purchase page with pricing information. I would entertain a discussion on buying the whole lot as we no longer have cattle. 

As of September 1st we no longer have Galloway cattle roaming the ranch. It came as blessings do, with excitement and many, many tears. It hit both Dene and I very unexpectedly and very hard. Many of you come from families - generations of cattlemen and women. We got to be part of it for 17 years. Made many friends along the way, stay intouch with many of the people we have sold cattle to over the years. 

Our herd pretty much stayed together - I for one am thankful for that. They now reside in Oklahoma with Mike Michaelis and family. HM Galloways. With two growing boys planning to participate in 4 H, I know you will be meeting them at the shows! 

The ranch has sold to Magness Land and Cattle; our neighbor. You see them at the NWSS, they raise Limosin cattle. Great neighbors always willing to lend a hand. We purchased the house  in Las Cruces / Mesilla specifically; New Mexico. (that is the state between TX and AZ!) I can't believe all the stories I have read, heard and am starting to have to explain; that New Mexico is a State! We have not left the country! Our thoughts were originally of a ranch in the state somewhere - that was 10 years ago. We were 10 years younger - and that no longer fits. 

The house is an Spanish type of Adobe. Not what you see in Santa Fe, that is pueblo style. Once our freshening up  / remodel is complete I will post pictures here and on FB. It sits on 11 acres (no, we couldn't handle a house in a cul-de-sac) there are 8 acres of Pecan trees. The remodel is in full swing. Pictures here on completion. 

It has been a privilege to be part of the AGBA (American Galloway Breeders Association,) an honor to be on your board of directors and look forward to staying in touch with you. . 

Stay tuned! 


The DD Ranch 

We are very proud to breed the finest Galloway Cattle we can provide todays cattle industry. 

Galloway function very well on grass and are a very efficient fed beef product. With today's feed costs spiraling out of control, the budget needs to "pencil."

We utilize "Bovigen Technology" to identify Feed Efficiency. Our herd bulls have All 8 Stars for Feed Efficiency. We also test for Marbling/Quality & Tenderness.  These are tools to help you know more precisely what you are adding to your herd besides Strong Conformation.

Galloway cattle are  "Back to Basics" in Moderate Mature Cattle size. Our percentage Lowline cattle are the avenue many breeders will want and need to make a dramatic change in the over all frame size of a commercial herd in one breeding season.

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Reserve Grand Champion Bull
2060 lbs

2 Time Grand Champion Bull
HZ Atomic

  • 2005 NWSS Grand Champion Bull
  • 2004 NILE Reserve Grand Champion Bull
  • 2003 (not taken to shows)
  • 2002 NILE Grand Champion Bull
  • 2001 Champion Junior Bull
  • 2000 NILE Reserve Champion Junior Bull


DD Ranch Thank you to Mike Michaelis - Herd Dispersal
DD Ranch Thank you to Brandon Beach -
DD Ranch Thank you to Hanna Merryman-Sample
DD Ranch Thank you to Chad & Jodi Ray
DD Ranch Thank you to Dale Love
DD Ranch Thank you to James Lucas
DD Ranch Thank you to Jack Burk
DD Ranch Thank you to John Arden
DD Ranch Thank you to Allen& Samantha Zehr
DD Ranch Thank you to Karin Madson
DD Ranch Thank you to Don Shaum
DD Ranch Thank you to Jeff Orberg
DD Ranch Thank you to Lauren Alley
DD Ranch Thank you to Paul Sandler


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