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Galloway Cattle

News Flash! It has come to our attention that Cattlemen do not know that Galloways shed their coat in the Summer heat. 

All Galloway cattle arrive with a full Winter coat as a new born calf. That downy coat is shed as the grow up. When calves are born in Winter climates they need that coat to get off to a great start. As they go through their first Winter that coat thickens up as the weather and temperatures dictate. If they are born in a cold climate it is ideal to move them in the fall. If they do not go through a tough Winter, they will not grow as much new hair. This makes the Galloway even more versitile. They can live in warm climates comfortably. We have cattle in Liberty TX, DFW TX, and Grapevine TX; also in MD & Memphis TN. These herds have adapted in one seasonal year. Our White Galloways also have the advantage of being "White" and not having issues as some Black cattle. 



 Galloway Bulls for Sale
  Spring time is for shopping for bulls. You may ask yourself - why do I need a Galloway bull in my herd? The answer is profit. Galloway genetics will moderate your herds' frame size lowering your input costs. The Galloway will bring down your birth weights resulting in more live calves. More live calves equals more pounds of beef weaned. When the drought is over it's time to keep your replacement heifers and she will be a lower input cow - reducing the price / cost of wintering her. She costs less to winter because of that beautiful coat she will grow - 1 inch of hair cuts 25% off feed necessary to stay warm. Finally, she will be moderate size at 1000- 1500 lbs. 
Todays cattle market trend is Back to Moderate Mature size.....the Galloway has been there all along. 
Brisket Disease ..........Galloway is nearly immune to the disease. This High Resistance can't be beat. 
Feed Efficiency is Key ......With just 1' of hair you cut 25% of feed cost, a Galloway has 3"- 6" of hair in winter.
Ablilty to Marble on Forage .......The Galloway is the best on the Grassfed Market
Calving Ease ..... Famous for low birth wts and weaning a higher percent of calf crop per year. 
 The Question is.........WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Galloway History:
Galloway Cattle originate from the Scottish coastal lowlands. This harsh climate developed a very hardy breed that withstands harsh winter, has rock hard hoofs, are excellent foragers and resistant to disease.

They entered into Canada First during th 1850's and then into the US in 1865. They were the favorite then because of their hearty disposition, feed efficiency and performance on the rail in Carcass Competition.
Today, Galloways are being "rediscovered" as a breed that is highly feed efficient, ideal on grass fed programs and "Back to Basics" on frame size. Two of our Herd Sires have tested positive for all 8 of Pfizer's Feed Efficiency Genes. See the Pfizer Gene Star Results Page.

Pressure on feed costs from the Ethanol & other programs are going to demand that a producers cost/budget "pencil." The cattle industry can't survive with cattle that don't perform. That's why we say "Back to Basics - Back to Galloway." 


DD Ranch's Pfaedra

This is DD Ranch's Pfaedra. She is a deep bodied female and get's it from her sire HZ Atomic. Can Dawn Swenson take some photo's or what!? 

Galloway Characteristics
  • Moderate Mature Size - Cows 1,200 - 1,500 lbs, Bulls 1,800 - 2,300
  • Proven at Altitude - Highly Resistant, if not immune to Brisket Disease
  • Highly Maternal - Females wean a higher percent of calf crop per year
  • Easy Calving - Rarely need assistance
  • Rich Milk Production - Udder is high & tight, black color, no sun burn, kicking off spring calves
  • Distinct Coat - Long hair cuts feed costs 25%
  • Good Foragers - Breed is Preferred for Grass Finishing programs  and will forage in snow.
  • Hair  Gene  - for Club calves
  • Naturally Polled - Strongest Poll in the Beef Industry today. Added savings, no dehorning
  • Docile -  For  easy handling
  • Colors - White w/ black points, Black, Red, Dun, silver Dun and Belted

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