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Hacienda Vance

    Our new home! We moved into our new home in December 2015. Starting a new phase of life - Retirement! It started with a remodel. Rather difficult to buy and go face first into the remodel but we wanted it over with. It made no sense to set the furniture down only to have to move it again. So, it was behind us almost from the beginning. 

    Since retiring from Dental Hygiene - I took up the art I have always wanted to pursue. I have wanted to explore, expand my drawing skills and start working with watercolor paint. I am new to all of this, but with a strong desire to learn, teachers, advisors and new friends - I am on my way! Strangely enough YOUTUBE is a great resource for learning watercolors (and lots of other things I would imagine.) 

    As a new member in the New Mexico Watercolor Society, I have made new friends. From those contacts, I was just invited to participate in an art show at the Bistro on Main St. Las Cruces during what they call their "Art Ramble." I took pictures standing by my work, we visited and walked to a couple other of the shows that evening. It was great fun - look forward to the next one! I arrived home and posted the pictures of me by my art on Facebook. I sold my first painting 15 minutes later! 

    Please click around on my web site. It is totally revamped today - starting an art career! Little by little I will have things posted and available to purchase here through my web site. Please sign the Guestbook, and locate DD Ranch / Hacienda Vance on Facebook (when I learn how I will make that a link.) I will be posting art related information there. 

Enjoying retirement in Mesilla! Stay tuned! 


The DD Ranch -Herd Dispersed Sept 1st, 2015


Read more on the Galloway Cattle page. Thank you!


Our new home in Mesilla

Look for us on Facebook. Search DD Ranch / Hacienda Vance

Our trip to Yosemite was amazing! The Yosemite Art Conservancy has programs for watercolor and many other mediums. I had the opportunity to paint with 2 different artists; each had their own technique. See pictures on fb. Read more about the trip on my "Debra Vance Watercolor" page. 

The Canyon Vistas has sold. Tuscan Skies is available on the SHOP HERE page. Click on Debra's Art. There will be more painting available shortly! Please bare with me during the overhaul of our web site.